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Zendesk Blog – A Review of the Zendesk Help Desk Software

Zendesk is a Danish company that provides customer service software. The company was founded in 2007, and is now headquartered in San Francisco, California. It services over 160,000 businesses across the globe.

The company is known for its extensive support ticket system, which can be used in multiple languages. Using this platform, customer service representatives can provide better customer service. This helps reduce the average response time. Another feature of the company is their knowledge base. This tool allows users to manage and track customer questions. In addition to that, it allows users to create FAQ sections and create interlinked articles.

The company also uses a customer community program, called Luminaries. Customers can network with other Luminaries and get access to free training. Moreover, Luminaries get invitations to exclusive events. And finally, they get early access to new products and services.

Unlike other companies, Zendesk does not limit the number of Zendesk stand-alone applications a user can use. As a result, they can easily integrate it with other CRM-friendly tools. However As discussed here, certain features are available only to professional or suite customers. Those include the macro, an automatic response to a customer. Other features available only on higher-end packages include the ability to link product services, create custom templates and more.

For instance, Zendesk’s support ticket system has a feature called Skills-based routing that helps agents find the right agent to handle a specific ticket. This allows them to be more efficient, while reducing the complexity of the system. Basically, it is like a skill-based version of a call center.

There are a number of other features to consider when choosing the right help desk software for your company. Some of these features include the ability to customize your website, email messages, Facebook ad campaign, and other forms of communication. You can also customize your Zendesk logo and color schemes. Furthermore, you can choose to use CSS customization to personalize your website with your own brand.

One of the best things about Zendesk is its ability to identify the best leads for your business. Zendesk’s Luminaries program is a great way for you to connect with people within your target market. By identifying the right individuals, you can get a head start on your sales outreach. Similarly, the company has a fantastic PPC strategy that drives quality traffic to your site.

Lastly, Zendesk has a number of other notable products, including its mobile app and Zendesk Messaging. Specifically, Zendesk Messaging is a messaging app that can be integrated with the Zendesk Agent Workspace. Compared to other messaging apps, it is more centralized. That means it is easier for Zendesk agents to connect with customers. However, it does cost an additional fee.

All in all, Zendesk’s customer service software is an excellent choice for any business. While there are some downsides, such as the lack of customer feedback on the platform, it is still the best option for small and medium-sized enterprises.