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Why Carpet Cleaning Is Important Prior To Moving In

If you are moving in, or taking occupancy of a home that had carpets installed you will want to have the carpets professionally cleaned prior to occupying the space. The best time to get this done is when the movers have finished their work and the rooms are completely empty. This will allow the carpet to be properly stretched if it has become loose or has developed wrinkles. It also gives the carpet cleaning professional the opportunity to remove all the lingering odors from a previous tenant.

Carpets trap a surprising amount of dirt, germs, dust mites and other unpleasant debris. Unless they have been shampooed and steamed recently, the carpets in your new home may be harboring all sorts of unwelcome guests. Dirty carpets can cause allergic reactions or other health problems for people who suffer from respiratory ailments such as asthma and bronchitis. If you have children or pets, dirty carpets can aggravate their allergies and cause skin irritation as well.

In addition, a good deep cleaning of the carpet can restore stains and neutralize unpleasant odors left behind by pets or smokers. Having the carpets cleaned in your new home before you move in carpet cleaning Phoenix will prevent any unwanted surprises from the past owners that can be a real problem for new homeowners.

Aside from the health benefits, getting your new carpets professionally cleaned prior to your move in will make it much easier for you to keep them clean. It is much more difficult to maneuver furniture around a room full of boxes, and it will be nearly impossible to keep the area vacuumed properly when that is happening. Having the carpets cleaned before you move in will make it easy to maintain and help them look like new for years to come.

You should make sure that any items of value, irreplaceable or fragile are moved out of the way before the carpet cleaners arrive. It is also a good idea to cover any electrical outlets in the room so that the power cords cannot be accidentally pulled out and damaged during the cleaning process. It is also a good idea to ask the company what they expect you to do in terms of moving furniture and what charges, if any, are associated with those services.

Finally, this is a great time to have the carpets protected with Scotchgard, Teflon or other quality protectants. When the carpet is clean and dry, this is a great time to apply the protectants to give you the longest possible protection from spills and other staining hazards. Having a protectant applied after a clean will make it far easier for you to clean up any accidental mistakes that will surely happen as you settle into your new home. This will save you time and money in the long run. This is an especially important step to take if you have children or pets.