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Van Hulsteyn, Feltham and Ford

When looking for a law firm in Sandton, you will find a number of different options. Some of these options include Magma Incorporated Attorneys, Myburgh Attorneys, Werksmans, Van Hulsteyn, Feltham and Ford, and Van Hulsteyn & Ford. These companies are renowned in the legal profession, and you can hire them for a range of legal matters. However, it is important to consider whether or not they offer services that you need.

Magma Incorporated Attorneys

Magma Incorporated Attorneys in the Sandton area have combined legal experience of over 25 years. They take great pride in their resources and well-trained staff. They offer a variety of legal services that are tailored to the unique needs of each client.

Magma Incorporated Attorneys is a top-tier law firm located in the heart of the economic hub of South Africa, Sandton. The law firm has a long and rich history of providing a wide range of legal services and is a 100 percent black-owned firm.

Myburgh Attorneys

Albert J. Myburgh began his legal career in South Africa and grew to be a senior partner in a prominent law firm. He has represented a wide range of clients, including telecommunications conglomerates, financial institutions, and small and midsize companies. His practice also focuses on emerging technologies, such as crowdfunding.

The law firms in sandton firm’s leadership is comprised of individuals with diverse backgrounds. For example, CEO Janine Myburgh is a former president of the Cape Chamber of Commerce and Industry. In addition to being an attorney, she is also a certified mediator and facilitator with the Family Mediators’ Association of Cape Town. Besides being a lawyer, Myburgh Attorneys focuses on a variety of legal issues, including corporate and matrimonial law.


Werksmans is a South African law firm with a strong client base, and it has been around for over 100 years. It provides legal services to companies and individuals in a variety of areas, including data privacy, cybercrime, intellectual property, and business. The firm’s lawyers understand the business imperatives of its clients, and they always strive to deliver the best possible legal outcomes.

Werksmans is located in the Sandton CBD, Johannesburg. This area is renowned as the country’s richest square mile. The new office building was signed in May 2015 and completed in December 2017. The new building covers 6,852 square meters and contains 15 above-ground and eight underground floors. The total development area of Werksmans is 21,625 square meters.

The name “Van Hulsteyn, Feltam and Ford” is indicative of the fact that this law firm was established in the early years of Johannesburg. The partners at Van Hulsteyns were Lewis Peter Ford, Carl Jeppe and Sir Willem Van Hulsteyn. Together they represented clients in many of the leading legal cases in South Africa. These include the Robinson v Randfontein Estates Gold Mining Co case. The firm is also named after a street in Johannesburg, Johann Rissik.