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Potty Training Tips For Your Child

If you are having trouble getting your child to use a potty, you should definitely read these potty training tips. This article will explain some of the most useful tips for potty training, as well as how you can help your child start to learn how to use the toilet. Some of the most common mistakes children make are:

– Get too excited about the prospect of learning to use a basic potty. Introduce it to your baby from birth so that it is already an old familiar thing, and have the potty in their room before potty training begins. Have the baby sit on the potty while wearing a diaper and let the child play some games where you both teach each other how to use the bathroom or toilet. Don’t rush into the process. Your child will be better able to deal with this when they are older.

– Baby clothes can make up the difference. Babies don’t need diapers to clean their bottom, so it really does make sense to invest in them. Most babies will have the urge to urinate shortly after they first use a toilet. This is normal and will eventually go away, but if the urge lasts for more than a few minutes, it might be necessary to have your baby evaluated by a doctor. Also, baby wipes are usually designed to get your baby’s bottom clean after they have used the toilet.

– Use a toilet seat that fits your child’s height. Some seats are made longer for toddlers and shorter for older children. Some of these chairs are designed specifically to be used on the toilet, but many others are designed for using on the toilet paper, which is why it is important to know the correct size before you buy your baby toilet seat. Your child’s chair will make the difference between being able to use the seat for a couple of minutes, or being left standing in a puddle waiting for your child to finish wiping themselves.

– Do not wait too long to start potty training. Many toddlers will need to wait for a couple of weeks before they are ready to use a toilet, but some children can be trained within a couple of days. You don’t want to leave them in the waiting too long because they could develop a dislike for using the toilet because they feel that they can’t finish the task as quickly as their peers. In fact, waiting too long makes training harder and your child’s self-esteem will suffer.

– Give your child plenty of praise when he or she uses the toilet without your assistance. The potty and toilet seat is relatively simple tasks, but when they perform these two activities right, your child will feel proud. It doesn’t matter how much help you give, if they do not enjoy doing the things, they won’t learn to do them. Praise your child when they use their potty or sit on the toilet and allow them to take it easy for a little while so that it is enjoyable.