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How to Prepare Questions for Marriage Green Card Interview

When you get married, your marriage green card interview is an important step in obtaining your permanent resident status. Immigration officers will ask questions about how you met, details about your proposal and wedding day, and similar events in your relationship. They may also ask about daily activities, family members and your living space.

The questions will vary, and there is no master list available to the public. Immigration officials have the discretion to ask any questions they think are relevant. Having answers prepared ahead of time can help you and your spouse answer these questions effectively.

It is also helpful to refresh your memories about your questions for marriage green card interview prior to the interview. It is easy to forget small details about your relationship, and inconsistencies between your and your spouse’s responses could jeopardize the outcome of your case.

In order to prepare for the interview, it is best to sit down and review your documents together passports, birth certificates, marriage certificate, court records. It is a good idea to make copies of these original documents to bring with you to the interview.

If your spouse has been working in the United States, it is also helpful to have copies of his or her most recent tax returns with you. This will demonstrate that the couple has been financially supporting each other, and this is an essential part of establishing a bona fide marriage.

The immigration official will also likely want to know where the couple has lived. This is to ensure that they have not been lying about their addresses on their applications or committing other immigration fraud. It is also a good idea to have your most recent rental agreement or lease with you, as well as proof of income and assets.

If you have children, it is a good idea to bring their birth certificates and photographs with you to the interview. The officer will also likely ask if you and your spouse have any pets, and will probably request to see photos of these as well.

You should be ready to provide information about your health and wellness, including any chronic illnesses or medical conditions that you have. You will also be asked to discuss any criminal records that you and your spouse have. It is a good idea to have documentation of any vaccinations that you have received as well.

If the officer feels that your application has any problems, he or she may recommend that USCIS deny your green card. In some cases, the officer will make a clear determination of ineligibility on the spot, but many times they will give the couple an opportunity to clear up any issues that may have arisen at the interview. If the officer decides that your marriage is not genuine, you will be denied a permanent green card. If the interview is a success, you will receive a conditional green card that is valid for two years. This conditional green card must be converted to a permanent one by the end of the two year period.