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Choosing Mobile Bar Hire Companies

When choosing mobile bar hire Surrey companies, there are some factors you should consider. These factors include: Speed rails, Wooden construction, Compact frame and Flat packed frame. A mobile bar that features these features is a good investment. It is also an indication of a company that knows its business and provides first class service.

Speed rails

Speed rails are a great way to save space on a mobile bar. They also allow for more people to serve drinks, which prevents long lines and delays. When choosing a mobile bar hire, you should choose one that is durable and easy to set up. Also, consider how many people you need to work on the bar. Make sure the mobile bar hire company you hire includes enough bar equipment and drivers.

Compact frame

If you are planning a big wedding, you might want to consider hiring a wedding mobile bar in Surrey. These mobile bars will play a big role in your special day. Whether you’re having an outdoor cocktail hour, or you’d like to serve drinks to your guests during the reception, you can find the right mobile bar for your needs.

Flat packed frame

For smaller spaces, you might want to hire a mobile bar. A mobile bar can be transported and stored easily. This type of bar can easily fit under a stairway or in a tight corner. If you’re looking for the perfect mobile bar for your event, consider a flat packed frame mobile bar.

Wooden construction

If you’re looking to hire a mobile bar for your wedding or other special event, you shouldn’t settle for just any old wooden construction. You should be looking for a wooden bar that is constructed entirely of wood rather than merely clipped onto a steel frame. In addition, you should be looking¬†mobile bar hire surrey for a company that offers built-in ice wells to make the job of the bartender easier.

Off the shelf frames

When you hire a mobile bar for your party or event, you need to consider the frame material. While stock bars from an off the shelf company are quality products, they are not adaptable to the needs of individual customers. A frame that is made from a sturdy metal material, such as a steel frame, is an excellent choice for a mobile bar.

Flat packed frames

A flat packed mobile bar is made from solid steel and is lighter than a standard mobile bar. This feature allows you to store and transport it easily without any hassle. These bars are less than 0.5m in height and fold to half their original size.