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Chiropractor James Island SC

If you are suffering from back pain, consider chiropractic care. It is an effective and non-invasive alternative to pain medication and surgery. Spinal decompression has become the preferred choice for thousands of people who are tired of expensive surgeries and strange pain medicines. The procedure is safe and effective, but it may not be right for everyone. Chiropractors at James Island Spine & Disc offer a range of treatment options and work closely with other health professionals to provide a comprehensive treatment plan.

Spinal decompression therapy

If you are experiencing back pain, you may benefit from spinal decompression therapy. This therapy uses a motorized traction table to stretch your muscles in a lengthening direction. This treatment is non-invasive and is considered safe for most patients. During the treatment, you may experience a slight stretch during the procedure, but this shouldn’t last for more than an hour. Sometimes, multiple sessions are necessary to get the maximum benefit. You may need several treatments over the course of a month.

Patients undergoing spinal decompression therapy will usually receive a series of sessions over three to six weeks. However, the number of treatments varies from person to person. Some patients will experience relief within the first few sessions, while others may need more. Regardless, most patients experience dramatic pain relief after their treatment program. Aside from the positive effects of spinal decompression therapy, other benefits of this treatment are pain relief and improved posture.

Dr. Bassett

His experience as a sports chiropractor and physical Chiropractor James Island SC therapist has allowed him to treat athletes of all levels. His innovative treatment methods are effective for injuries caused by sports and work to relieve neck and back pain. Read reviews about Dr. Bassett and the practice below. You can also use the online appointment scheduler to book your appointment. He understands that results are the most important aspect of any health practice, and this philosophy is reflected in his results.

Based on the information provided by his patients, Dr. Bassett may treat the following conditions: Arthritis, Back Pain, Car Accident Injuries, and many more. His office can be found at 608 Harbor View Rd Ste B in Charleston, SC. If you need to see a chiropractor in a different location, you can use the telehealth services available from CareDash to find a local practitioner.

Dr. Gorski

Chiropractic doctors are licensed and trained to help patients with a range of physical problems. They focus on the nervous system, spinal column, and its interrelationship with other body systems. Dr. Brad Gorski is a chiropractor in James Island, SC, and offers effective treatment for back pain, neck pain, shoulder pain, sciatica, and migraines. His expertise also extends to diet and weight loss advice, guiding patients to reach optimal health.

Dr. Carroll

Dr. Carroll is a chiropractic practitioner who has practiced in the James Island area for more than 10 years. His chiropractic training came from Life University. He also earned an undergraduate degree from the University of Akron in Exercise Science and Physiology. His specialties include chiropractic, sports injury treatment, and neuromusculoskeletal disorders. He also holds an advanced certification in extremity adjusting and myofascial release techniques. He has worked with elite athletes and sports organizations. He enjoys spending time with his family, doing crossfit, and being on the water.

Spinal decompression is a nonsurgical procedure that is effective in treating herniated or degenerated discs. This treatment relieves back pain and nerve pain and improves the function of the spinal column. The process is safe and comfortable. Many patients find spinal decompression to be an excellent alternative to surgery and medication. Although this procedure is not appropriate for everyone, Dr. Carroll and his team at James Island Spine & Disc will work with you and your other health care providers to determine the best course of action.